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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education


​​​QAA Scotland has devolved responsibility for the work of QAA in Scotland. ​

Our work is enhancement-led, in line with the Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF) which has been in place since 2003 and continues to develop under the guidance of the Universities’ Quality Working Group (UQWG). UQWG membership includes all of the partners to the QEF: Universities Scotland, the National Union of Students (NUS) Scotland, Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (sparqs), the Scottish Funding Council, the Higher Education Academy and QAA Scotland. 

Our work: quality review and enhancement ​

Our work covers a broad range of review and enhancement activity aimed at inspiring excellence and promoting a high quality student experience. You can learn more about our Enhancement-led institutional review (ELIR) method and our work in quality enhancement in other areas of the website.

Working in partnership​

A strong feature of our work is partnership. We work closely with staff and students throughout the higher education sector. 

Engaging with students is integral to what we do. Every ELIR team includes a full student member and students are represented on all our working groups and committees. We work closely with NUS Scotland and are one of the partners in Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (sparqs). 

We aim to ensure that our work is informed by international perspectives and contributions, including developments in the Bologna Process and across the European Higher Education Area.

We deliver many events in Scotland including periodically a major three-day international conference, and many one-day or half day events, symposia and conferences. We commission work that seeks to learn from the best of national and international practice and regularly receive visitors form universities and quality assurance agencies from around the world. ​

Further information

You can read more about the work of QAA Scotland in our guide, QAA Scotlan​d: Who we are and what we do.

Our work is summarised in our Annual Report: 

QAA Scotland Annual Report 2016-17​ 

QAA Scotland: Strategic D​irections 2017-20​

Directions to the QAA Scotland office, along with full contact details can be found on the main contact page