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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education


QAA works with universities, colleges, employers, and employer representative bodies to make sure that quality assurance of higher education is relevant to employers. ​

The role of employers in higher education​

Employers are important partners for universities and colleges in research and development, both as providers of placement and work experience opportunities to students and as partners in workforce development and continuous professional development. Increasingly, employers not only shape students' learning experiences, but are involved in universities' and colleges' governance and planning processes. We facilitate and support dialogue between higher education and employers to support these partnerships and their management.

Functions of QAA​

QAA wants every student to have the best possible learning experience, and being a sought-after, employable graduate is part of this. Each university or college is responsible for ensuring that appropriate standards are being achieved and a good quality education is being offered. QAA is an independent organisation that checks how well universities and colleges meet their responsibilities, against nationally agreed expectations set out in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education (Quality Code).

We do this by:
  • reviewing universities, colleges and other course providers
  • giving them guidance on how to maintain their academic standards and improve the quality of the education they provide
  • pr​ovidin​g nationally agreed expectations that help to define clear academic standards.

How does this matter to employers?​

Having high quality and standards means that students, employers and everyone else can have​ confidence in students' education.