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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Higher education institutions (England, Wales, NI) 

Outcomes of our review work in England, Wales and Northern Ireland 

Our review work in universities and other higher education institutions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland results in a detailed report on each institution, identifying features of good practice and recommendations for improvement. To share good practice and promote enhancement we summarise our findings in the Outcomes series of papers. These provide thematic analysis of the findings in our reports, drawing also on the supporting information they contain.

We publish Outcomes papers specific to the different review methods for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (see the separate pages for Scottish institutions and for higher education at providers that are not awarding bodies).

Institutional Audit

Three series of Outcomes papers are devoted to analysing findings from Institutional Audit, the method used by QAA to review English and Northern Irish universities and higher education institutions until 2011 (Institutional Review is used from 2012).

Find out more about Institutional Audit here.

Audit of Collaborative Provision

This series of papers below is devoted to the audit method used to review collaborative provision (higher education provided on behalf of an awarding body) in England and Northern Ireland, where that provision could not be effectively reviewed within a standard or modified ('hybrid') Institutional Audit.

Find out more about Audit of Collaborative Provision here.

Institutional Review (Wales) / Adolygiad Sefydliadol (Cymru) 

This series of papers looks at the review method used for Welsh universities and higher education institutions.

Find out more about Institutional Review (Wales) / Adolygiad Sefydliadol (Cymru) here.

Further information and feedback

In the period to 2005 QAA published good practice from Developmental Engagements and Subject Review in higher education institutions, through the 'Learning from...' series of papers.

Although QAA retains copyright of all Outcomes and Learning from... papers, they can be freely downloaded and cited (with acknowledgement).

If you would like to offer feedback on the papers detailed on this page, or if the topics and themes covered  do not meet your particular needs, please contact the Outcomes team. If you are interested in writing for these publications please see the criteria we use for identifying authors. For information on publications in this and other series, please sign up to the QAA news alert.

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